Tessla Bing - Square

Tessla Bing - Square

Prologue - I'm an Entertainer

I’m not a novelist, though sometimes I paint with words. If I were on stage right now, strolling out from the shadows into the footlights, I would be wearing a long black cloak. Imagine, in your mind’s eye, me standing on stage in front of you, playing the part of the Prologue. Atop my head is a black hat accented with outrageously large feathers and fantastically proportioned gems.

I’m an entertainer.

I’m an artist.

Yes, I know that most artists wouldn’t categorize themselves as entertainers and I would admit that entertaining you is little on their minds. Indeed, the worst of them entertain abstract theories alone as they move silently through hallowed places, breathing the rare air of art galleries and museums. Not that I’m against either museums or galleries, mind you; it’s just that I like to make people laugh, and both places tend to frown upon this activity.

I’m an entertainer. What does this mean? Well, we entertainers, truth be told, are an unusual bunch. We don’t like to share much of our personal selves—our real selves. We tend to hide behind our roles as if they were masks. We’re practiced liars. We live in a world of illusion and frankly don’t know sometimes when reality starts and the stage stops. Even so, you still like us because we entertain you. We make you smile and laugh, sometimes cry, and if we’re real lucky we might make you think.

I’m an entertainer, standing on stage, wearing a long black cloak and an outrageously out-of-date hat. I’m the Prologue, here to tell you not to believe a whit of what you are about to read—that is unless, like most people we entertain, you find it presented well enough to believe that it just might be true. After all, no matter how outlandish the story, there’s always a grain of truth there somewhere to be found. That’s what makes the story so entertaining, and, since I’m an entertainer, there’s nothing I want more.

Now, without further ado, let the show begin…


-Tessla Queen, the Prologue


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