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Foetopians Unite!


not an Epic, sweeping in scope and action, but a
sitcom, cozy with familiar personalities and
situations. I know this, for I am the one they have
chosen to tell it. Unfortunately, their story doesn’t
come to me in chapters that can be woven into
novels, or scenes that can be spun into TV shows.
Their story is different than that, which is why I’ve
decided to introduce you to their world here. Think
of this as the first of many glimpses you’ll have
into their world, as well into mine.

You see, the loft where I live is the official portal to
their Realm. And it’s through this portal that the
characters pop into my life, often with no
introduction whatsoever, run through their lines
then vanish. Sometimes, I see these characters
again. Often times, I do not. They’re like meteors
flashing through the sky; briefly they appear then
they’re gone, vanishing into the shadows off stage.

What kind of world do these characters come
from? I’ve caught glimpses, though I’ve never
been myself. I’m more like a receiver,
programmed to pick up broadcasts from their
Realm. I know that they know of Earth. I say this
for Earth to them is like Avalon—a mythical place
no one real has ever been, though they too have
managed to catch glimpses of us.

They know of different eras, and fads and styles.
They imitate these, incorporating them in the
design of their technology, capturing them in the
spirit of their dreams. They belong to clubs where
they proclaim themselves to be official Fans of
Earth or "Foetopians".

Perhaps this is why I accepted the invitation to be
their envoy. I desire to make their world as familiar
and wonder-filled to us as we are to them. I hope I
succeed. Maybe then we’ll see ourselves anew
and remember the wonder and awe that once
filled our own souls. Maybe this time we, as
Foetopians, won’t let it go.


-Tessla Queen



Text and Images Copyright 1998-2017 Tessla Queen
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